Number of words

More information about the number of words

This figure indicates the number in a specific tag.

For the purposes of the analysis, your landing page is compared with the average web pages that are high up in Google's results list for a search with that keyword.

The closer the number of words on your landing page is to the average number of words on the high scoring web pages, the better these will score with Google in reality.


SEO Page Optimizer - example number of words

Tag: headers

In the web pages that score highest in Google for a search using the keyword, in this specific case, there are an average of 87 words between header tags (<h1> ... </h1>, <h2> ... </h2>, etc.). In the analysed landing page, this is 109, a difference of 22 words. This could be improved by using fewer words between the header tags. Make sure that the header texts are relevant for the rest of the content on the landing page.