More information about the keywordcount

The keywordcount is the number of times that the keyword appears in a specific tag, taking into account the value thereof.

If your keyword is just one word, this has the value 1.

If your keyword comprises various words, each word is given a different value depending on how relevant that word is in relation to the entire keyword. The sum of the values of the words is also 1.

For the purposes of the analysis, your landing page is compared with the average web pages that are high up in Google's results list for a search with that keyword. If your keyword comprises various keywords, an analysis of the same web pages determines the value of the words used for the keyword.

The closer the number of words on your landing page is to the average number of words on the high scoring web pages, the better these will score with Google in reality. Add the keyword () or scrap the keyword () until the score is good or perfect.


SeoPageOptimizer - example of keywordcount

Tag: headers

In the web pages that score highest in Google for a search using the keyword, the keyword that in this specific case is made up of three words, appears an average of 0,89 times between header tags (<h1> ... </h1>, <h2> ... </h2>, etc.). This figure is the result of the number of times that each word in the keyword appears, multiplied by the value of the word. In the analysed landing page, the result of [(number of times 'optimisation' x 0.61) + (number of times 'engine' x 0.34) + (number of times 'search' x 0,16)] is 1.84.

The difference of 0,95 can be further eliminated by using the word 'optimisation' one time less and the word 'engine' one time less in the header tags. The difference then becomes 0.1. The closer to 0 the difference comes, the better the landing page corresponds with the ideal average.